About our service

Industrial cleaning has always been a Balmore speciality. We have been industrial cleaning the facilities of businesses in Glasgow and all across Scotland for over 30 years. With our clients consistently returning to use our services and our great customer feedback we know that we offer some of the best industrial cleaning services around.

Dedicated to giving you the best

At Balmore we are dedicated to offering you the best industrial cleaning services on the market. Our operatives have years of experience and we consistently provide them with training to ensure that they are updated with the latest cleaning & H&S techniques, equipment and methods. Moreover, we understand the importance of staying up to date with the latest technologies to maintain our efficiency and reliability, from using the latest in industrial cleaning technology, back-pack vacuum cleaners, to high-pressure DOFF system pressure washers we promise that our technologies used will be the most current.



Thorough cleaners

We call our industrial cleaning thorough for a reason. We do not leave any part of your facility untouched. In factories hard-to-reach spaces are very common and are sometimes forgotten or missed when cleaning. Our staff are equipped with High-Level Access equipment and are all trained to IPAF & IRATA to give you the best possible clean. We will make sure that every bit of your industrial facility is just immaculately clean when we leave.

Eco-friendly approach

We believe that all businesses have a responsibility to the environment and therefore have a strict approach to being eco-friendly and always aiming to reduce our carbon footprints as much as we can. A thorough industrial clean does involve chemicals in order to remove any form of dirt or bacteria. Through using non-harmful and bio-degradable chemicals, which are considerably less harmful than the more commonly used chemicals by other cleaning companies, we stay true to our environmentally-friendly approach and still offer you top results. Balmore is accredited to ISO 9001,14001 & 18001.