About our service

Balmore offers an extensive range of cleaning services, transport cleaning being one of them. Our cleaners have years of experience from cleaning various kinds of vehicles ranging from buses and lorries to trains and trucks.

Thoroughly cleaning your vehicles

An issue that commonly occurs when cleaning vehicles are the small confined spaces that are difficult to reach. Many companies may miss these or be unsure of how to handle these spaces but we have acquired and developed the techniques and equipment through our years of business to guarantee you an immaculate finish from the interior of the vehicle to the exterior.



Latest cleaning technology

We always strive to stay up to date with the cleaning equipment we use and train our staff to ensure that they know how to accurately operate it. The equipment we use is everything from industrial vacuum backpacks, high-pressure spray and high-access equipment all to provide you with consistently great results.

Eco-friendly cleaning

It is unfortunately common in the cleaning industry for companies to use chemicals that are harmful to the environment when cleaning. However, Balmore has an eco-friendly approach to our cleaning projects and are always striving to minimise our environmental impact. Therefore, we solely use biodegradable chemicals when cleaning your transports and are constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint to prevent harming animals, people or the environment.