A perfect example of what TORC Blasting can do

If you have been reading about the wonders of TORC Blasting but have wondered what use it may be to you then maybe this will help.

We were called out to a customers home in Anniesland in the West End of Glasgow. They had removed the roof cover that was fitted directly above an external window/doorway because it was blocking too much light. However by doing this, it had left nasty markings that had built up through a combination of weathering and chemical sealant.

Using TORC Blasting, we were able to remove the staining and chemical adhesives returning the stonework to ‘as new’ conditions. You will notice that on the photo, you can still see a trace outline of the roofline – this will disappear with a small amount of general weathering and before you know it – it will be like the roofing never existed in the first place.

Before TORC Blasting
After TORC Blasting

If you would like to know more about TORC Blasting and its benefits, please contact our Glasgow Head Office on 0141 370 4038