What to do when someone dies.

If you are having to deal with the immediate aftermath of discovering someone has unexpectedly died in your home, here are a few simple steps that you should follow:

Call 111 immediately for advise.

An unexpected and unattended death will need to be reported to a coroner. A coroner is generally responsible for investigating unexpected deaths in the UK. From there, there are various steps ranging from registering the death and notifying various organisations. When someone dies, there is a lot to deal with – paperwork, finances, legal issue, the funeral and of course your own emotional state. However it is very important that you understand that if you have discovered an unexpected and unattended death in the UK then there is a potential biohazard risk that have to be dealt with.

It is not something that anybody wants to have to deal with but whether it is a trauma, suicide, biohazard spill or something similar, using a professional biohazard cleaning company is the only safe option to ensure that your home or vehicle will be safely cleaned. Domestic cleaning products are simply not cut out for the various bacteria and pathogens involved with dead body clean up.

At Balmore Contracting, we are caring and compassionate about what you are having to go through and we are here to help in anyway we can. If you have questions about what is involved in the safe clean up of a scene involving a decomposing body, please call us today on 0141 370 4038