Providing difficult access cleaning contract work for customers across Scotland using mobile aerial access platforms.

Whether conducting biohazard cleaning, softwashing, sandstone cleaning or using our TORC, Dry Ice or DOFF Steam Cleaning, our roadside high access mobile platform provides our customers with yet another means to reach difficult access points safely and quickly.

Our Mobile Access Platform offers the ideal solution for difficult access cleaning of internal and external locations. The telescopic platform can reach a maximum height of 23 metres or extend outwards up to 13 metres to provide our specialist deep cleaning contractors safe access to conduct necessary cleaning and maintenance work.

access platform for cleaning

As part of our never ending commitment at Balmore to invest in our team and our equipment, this mobile access platform offers the most advanced aerial platform system available on the market. With S3 EVO Smart Stability System for safe, smooth and precise control, our aerial access platform can offer three core benefits:

Fast, responsive access

An aerial access platform allows fast, responsive access to cleaning sites without the need for scaffolding. Scaffolding can be an expensive and time consuming process to erect. An aerial platform like ours can quickly access the same locations without hindering building access or requiring permits. This means that whether you require trauma cleaning, stonework cleaning or window cleaning as part of scheduled maintenance plans, our access platform system can offer the very best in difficult access solutions.


Working at height can be dangerous. But with our Aerial Access Platform, the integrated S3 EVO system controls the permitted manoeuvres available to reduce the chances of an accident while allowing our cleaning contractors to focus on the job at hand – safely. The system has ‘Return to home’ function that upon selection, returns the access platform to the initial rest position while the ‘Work Function’ ensures that the platform follows the necessary activation steps to correctly open the boom and avoid any collision damage.


Our mobile access platform offers many advantages over other methods of access solution including ‘Up & Over’ access which, thanks to the height and reach of the platform, means that it can access complicated roofing and building structures such as Church Spires more easily. This can make it an invaluable solution for external building cleaning on historic and complex building structures (as well as statues). The compact dimensions of the access truck means that even on the tight and twisty streets so common in Towns across Scotland, we can still access the necessary ‘at height’ points.

Where our Access Platform can be used

mobile access platform for cleaning services

Technical Information

  • Double telescopic + jib
  • Turret rotation ± 300° not continuous
  • S3 EVO interface with indication of allowed manoeuvres
  • Graphic display for anomalies and diagnostic
  • Engine start / stop from both ground and from the basket
  • Hydraulic rotation of the basket 90 ° right + 90 ° left
  • Electronic levelling of the basket
  • Non-slip platform
  • 4 hydraulic outriggers with ground pressure sensors
  • Front outriggers with hydraulic extension to operate narrow jacked and fully extended
  • Variable stabilisation managed by S3 EVO
  • CAN BUS electronic management system
  • Load cell for basket capacity control
  • Hydraulic system powered by a gear pump installed on the PTO of the vehicle with electric management
  • Buzzer indicating PTO engaged
  • 230 V AC CE electrical socket in the basket and overcurrent protection
  • Home function
  • Smart auto opening function

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Based in Glasgow and covering all of Scotland, we are a fully trained, qualified and equipped cleaning contractor. We are 100% focused on providing the very best in cleaning services and since 1989, this focus has seen us grow to become one of the leading commercial cleaning contractors in the country. We invest heavily in our team and our equipment to ensure that we can constantly exceed our customers expectations while accessing some of the most difficult low, medium and high risk locations in the country.

We use the right cleaning chemicals on the right materials, and where possible we use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and do not finish a cleaning job until it is truly cleaned top to bottom.

If you would like to know more about our cleaning services across Glasgow, Scotland and the North of England, please contact our head office on 0141 370 4038 or by emailing