In the cutting edge world of aerospace, precision matters.

Dry ice blast cleaning provides the perfect non-abrasive cleaning solution for protecting key assets from damage whilst offering precise, controlled and powerful cleaning.

How does Dry Ice Cleaning work?

Dry Ice Cleaning is a cleaning method that protects vital asset surfaces by using controlled and precise cleaning application. It uses frozen carbon dioxide pellets to remove scales and contaminants from a surface. This dry ice blast cleaning solution is perfect for the cleaning and protection of the precision tooling surfaces used in the aerospace industry.

dry ice blastcleaning for aerospace
Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is perfect for removing a wide variety of contaminants

Fast and Safe Cleaning

While Dry Ice Cleaning is faster than conventional cleaning methods, dry ice blast cleaning is also ideal for safely removing a wide variety of staining and contaminants such as:

  • Teflon Taping
  • Silicones
  • Carbon Deposits
  • Carbon Buildup
  • Graphite
  • Phenolic
  • Expoxy Resins

Dry Ice Cleaning works to remove contaminants in three ways.

1 – Speed

2 – Thermal Effect

3 – Expansion

Because the dry ice pellets are propelled at such a high speed using compressed air, the thermal effect of the dry ice hitting the contaminate loosens any adhesion that the staining may have had. And because the dry ice turns into a gas so quickly, there is no water build up like you would get from conventional cleaning. This makes it ideal for the cleaning and maintenance of aerospace equipment without having to worry about working in an area with lots of electrical equipment.

Where can Dry Ice Blast Cleaning be used?

  • Landing Gear
  • Engine Bay Covers
  • Tow Hitches
  • Similar aerospace components

Thanks to widespread approval for this method of cleaning, combined with the many real world benefits, including cleaning turn around time, using dry ice blast cleaning for aerospace parts cleaning can provide REAL cost savings and improved results over alternative options.

Who are we?

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Our diverse range of services have come through demands by our customers over more than three decades of service. Our cleaning and difficult access division – Balmore Contracting – has been at the forefront of using the latest in cleaning technology from Dry Ice to DOFF Super Heated Steam Cleaning and TORC Cleaning to offer our customers in the aerospace industry a class leading service.

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