Important Cleaning Information for Unattended Death, Suicide and Crime Scenes.

The responsibility for the cleaning of a property is the property owners or premises owner.

And while we completely understand that you may be going through a huge amount of grief at this moment in your life, it is also incredibly important that you act quickly to ensure that there are no possible biohazard contamination from bodily fluids that could cause health issues for those living in the location of the trauma scene.

Blood, vomit, faeces, urine and other bodily fluids all pose a serious health risk to others who may come into contact with them.

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In the event of a death, the trauma cleaning process is not just to visually clean up, it is to safely eradicate any potential biohazard build up that could occur from the event of a death.

Trauma Cleaning is required to make the site safe once again. Just because you cannot see the risk of infection, does not mean it is not there. Blood, Vomit and Urine can all slip through the gaps in wooden floors (for example) that a common bucket and mop clean cannot deal with.

At Balmore Contracting, we are leading cleaning specialist providing, among many other specialist cleaning services, Trauma Cleaning who are fully trained and qualified in the specialist area of Trauma Cleaning for after death incidents.

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