When you need to call in a professional cleaning firm to deal with biohazard cleaning incidents, you should consider these 4 things:

1 – Their training and expertise

Using a professional cleaning company is critical when it comes to the safe removal of dangerous biohazards. Whether you are cleaning your car after an accident or getting your home or trauma scene back to a safe and liveable condition, you need to ensure that they know what they are doing. Biohazard Cleaning professionals should be able to handle to following:

  • Bloodborne pathogen training and compliance
  • Personal protective equipment training and compliance
  • Hazardous communication training and compliance
  • Job-specific OSHA training, such as for cleanings involving machinery, ladders or scaffolding, etc.
  • Medical waste handling and transport training
  • Heat-illness awareness training
  • Respiratory protection training and compliance

At Balmore Contracting, we not only comply with these various requirements – we actually help train others in it as well.

biohazard cleaning services
Biohazard Cleaning should never be undertaken by a non professional.

2 – Are they qualified

At Balmore Contracting, we are fully certified and qualified to deal with not just biohazard cleaning but also difficult access, confined spaces, rope access and more. We know from decades of experience that in order to clean a location, you first have to access that location. A lot of biohazard cleaning companies in both Scotland and England, while fully capable, simply cannot access the variety of locations that regularly require biohazard cleaning.

3 – Safety Standard

As we have mentioned, we have our own in-house training company that don’t just train our own staff but regularly train competitors in everything from working at height to specific disinfection techniques and skills.
You should never have to wonder if a biohazard cleaning company has done their job properly. Our number 1 goal is and always will be the safe deep cleaning of biohazard locations and the complete removal of all health risks from trauma, suicide, unattended death and similar biohazard causes.

4 – Reviews and Recommendations

In our line of work, it is sometimes difficult to get a glowing recommendation from someone who has had to use your services to deal with the biohazard risks left by the decomposition of a dead body. But it is still important to read reviews and recommendations from others to see how that company really performs out in the day to day cleaning world. As Balmore Contracting have been providing biohazard cleaning from our head office in Glasgow since 1989, we have built up a fair few reviews and recommendations over the years.

If you would like to speak to us about our Biohazard Cleaning Services, please call our Glasgow Head Office on 0141 370 4038.