Death is something that nobody wants to have to think about or deal with, yet it is still a fundamental part of life in the UK. When dealing with the loss of a loved one, there is so much to deal with, plan, organise and handle that it is easy to overlook the serious issue of potential biohazards caused through the decomposition of unattended death.

While you may think that a simple bucket and sponge will suffice, we cannot stress enough the potential biohazard risks that are involved with unattended death.

The unexpected loss of a loved one comes with the difficult reality of cleaning up the affected areas afterwards and when a person dies, the natural decompositon of the body begins relatively quickly. With this decomposition comes harmful bacteria. It is this bacteria that is responsible for the odor that comes with body decomposition.

Depending on the location that the body was found in, there may be issues with the following:
– Porous materials like wood, carpet and even concrete can absorb body fluids. You should NEVER try to clean porous materials after an unattended death.
– Depending on the health of the deceased before they passed, there is a risk of bloodborne pathogens.

Even the smallest amount of biological material left behind after an unattended death can leave a home uninhabitable and over the counter/supermarket shelf cleaning solutions are simply not designed to sufficiently clean, sanitize and disinfect areas contaminated by human decomposition.

We understand that this will be a trying time for you, with so much to deal with. It is why we treat all unattended biohazard cleaning after death with a level of compassion and understanding. If you are facing an unattended death, remember that you are not alone. At Balmore Contracting, we are just a phone call away to answer all your questions. We want the decomposition cleanup to be as easy for you as possible. Call us today at our Glasgow Head Office on 0141 370 4038