Due to the wide scope of potential biohazards and the varying locations, materials and sheer volume/mass of cleaning required, it is almost impossible for us to accurately provide a set pricing sheet for biohazard cleaning prices.

As you will discover through other pages on our website relating to biohazards on this very site, the various bacteria and pathogens that make up the main biohazard threats are not to be dealt with lightly. From pigeon fouling to dead body clean up and trauma cleaning services, the range of biohazard cleaning that we deal with is vast. And the range of equipment and PPE protection that we use to get the job done varies along with that. For example, there are times when we will have to bring in our specialised DOFF Steam Cleaning system to safely eradicate the biohazard using super heated steam while other situations require specific chemical cleaning products and difficult access equipment.

Using drones to provide a complete disinfection of biohazard locations

The range of biohazard cleaning that we offer truly makes us one of the industries more unique and specialised cleaning options. From our confined spaces cleaning services that can reach locations that other cleaning firms would simply not cover, to our difficult access ‘deep clean’ team who will leave no corner, crack or crevis uncleaned, we truly are the UK’s leading difficult access biohazard cleaning specialists.

From our head office just outside of Glasgow, we cover the vast majority of Scotland and the North of England for this specialised cleaning service.

If you would like to know more about biohazard cleaning prices and what our cleaning services include, please call us directly on 0141 370 4038

biohazard cleaning in Glasgow
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