Glasgow Biohazard Cleaning Services

Based in the city of Glasgow, Balmore Contracting provide a comprehensive biohazard cleaning service to commercial businesses and private citizens.

Biohazard Cleaning goes beyond conventional cleaning and should never be carried out by a non-professional.  Gross filth and a build up debris can cause a biohazard situation that has been caused by a combination of bodily fluids such as blood, vomit and urine, fecal matter from either human or other animals and expired or rotting food.  These types of biohazard can lead to numerous dangerous viruses such as Hepatitus B, C & HIV.

An effective biohazard cleanup can be an incredibly challenging process and should never be undertaken by untrained personnel.  At Balmore Contracting, our expert and professional biohazard clean up crew have been performing biohazard cleaning in Glasgow for nearly three decades.  The entire cleaning team receive regular training on procedures and methods to deal with the specific types of biohazard that can be found across Glasgow.  We use only the correct and proper tools and cleaning chemicals to completely eliminate all potential biohazards from your property.  This goes beyond a bucket and mop.  Our cleaning gets right into the cracks in the floorboards and other common areas that conventional and less experienced biohazard cleaning teams often miss.

Sites in Glasgow that contain an excessive amount of biohazard matter such as animal faeces can be dangerous and infectious if not properly handled.  Many may think that they can simply sweep away the mess. However roddent faecal matter will consistently be found in other locations that most would overlook.  It is this kind of experience that we have built up and at Balmore Contracting, our Biohazard team run through a specific checklist of locations at cleaning sites that need to be be checked off before applying the right chemicals and the correct cleaning methods to completely remove the biohazard risks.  Our outstanding record for cleaning in Glasgow is proof of our ‘don’t cut corners – clean them’ philosophy.  Combined with our specialist difficult access and confined spaces cleaning services, we can literally clean everything top to bottom in a reliable, professional manner each and every time.

Gross filth sites should not be cleaned by untrained individuals.

We offer the following Biohazard Cleaning Services in and around Glasgow:

Needlestick Sweeps
Industrial Accident Cleaning
Void Property Cleanup
Bird Droppings
Police Cell Decontamination
Gross Filth Cleanup

If you would like to know more about our Biohazard Cleaning Service in Glasgow or any of the other cleaning and difficult access solutions we cover in Scotland, please call our head office in  0141 370 4038 or email