From industrial site accidents to the tragic loss of a loved one through suicide, unattended death or an accident in the home, there are a number of blood, bodily fluids and other matter that need to be dealt with properly to ensure that the site is cleaned and safe from any potential biohazard dieases.

We are Balmore Contracting, an experienced cleaning contractor specialising in difficult access biohazard cleaning with a team of discrete, qualified and certified cleaning and disposal specialists. We can work on the safe cleaning and decontamination of scenes dealing with blood and bodily fluids and return said scene to its original state. Ready for general use.

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Our blood and bodily fluid cleaning services include:

  • Discreet biohazard cleaning services
  • Excrement Cleaning
  • Crime Scene Cleaning
  • Site Accident Cleaning
  • Trauma Cleaning
  • Unattended Death Cleaning
  • Suicide Cleaning
  • Decomposition Cleaning
  • Covid Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Dead Animal Removal

Based in Glasgow, we provide our difficult access cleaning services for clients ranging from Government bodies to local authorities, private residents, landlords and businesses that need to deal with property and public spaces that have been affected by biohazard causing blood and bodily fluid.

Landlord Tenant Cleaning

Landlords can suffer through a number of problems when dealing with tenants when they leave the property. While vandalism and breakages are one thing, dealing with biohazards left behind have to be dealt with quickly and professionally. We can provide fast response biohazard cleaning for landlords dealing with a property that has been contaminated by blood and bodily fluids.

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Why is professional cleaning of blood and bodily fluid so important?

Using over the counter cleaning products will NOT be sufficient for dealing with the kind of biohazards that can be found in blood and bodily fluid, especially if it has been left for a long period of time. Due to the dangerous viruses and diseases that can be caught from these contaminants, we always STRONGLY recommend that you use a professional outfit such as ourselves who know what chemicals to use on the right surfaces and can work through a complete checklist of locations and detailing to properly clean the whole area – ensuring that a biohazard location is 100% disinfected. 

While the biohazard cleaning of blood and other bodily fluids does involve the use of chemicals, we have a strict approach to always using non harmful and bio degradable chemicals where possible during our deep clean work.  We are fully accredited to ISO 900114001 & 18001.

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If you would like to know more about our cleaning services either as part of a set contract maintenance programme or as one off emergency biohazard cleaning, please call:

Glasgow: 0141 370 4038

Edinburgh: 0131 314 2896


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