With no need for chemical cleaning agents and soft/delicate pressure, DOFF Steam Cleaning is the ideal cleaning solution for Brick Cleaning.

Whether it is listed buildings that uses older more delicate brickwork or more modern structures that have suffered from Graffiti vandalism, DOFF Steam Cleaning will clean bricks and make sure that there is no damage to the brickwork in the process.

Why brickwork needs cleaned

Properties that use brickwork for their exterior structure or boundary walls will become dulled, dirty and covered in bio matter such as moss and algae over the years. Combined with carbon pollution common in built up city areas, your properties brickwork can become stained with layers of dirt. Cleaning brickwork can restore the aesthetic qualities of the property.

DOFF Brickwork Cleaning

Will this not damage the mortar between the bricks?

Short answer – no. DOFF Steam Cleaning uses super heated steam to clean the bricks. It does not need high pressure to acheive this. Therefore it is the ideal method of cleaning masonry bricks and walls without damaging the mortar.

Can DOFF be used on other stonework?

Yes it can. We use DOFF Steam Cleaning on multiple material surfaces. From brick to sandstone. DOFF is a great method of cleaning historic buildings sandstone work. We use DOFF Steam Cleaning because it is a flexible method of cleaning that delivers impressive results without damaging the original material.

cleaning a homes stonework

If you would like to know more about DOFF Steam Cleaning or any of our other stonework or paint removal cleaning services, please contact our head office today.