While the Victorian Sandstone homes of Glasgow may have stood for over 100 years, these red and blonde sandstone buildings have also had to deal with more than 100 years of air pollution, carbon soot staining and other stonework staining.

Over time, this has caused their natural sandstone colour to be covered over and stained in a black/brown carbon staining.

With TORC Cleaning, this can be a thing of the past. While power washing is too powerful and would completely destroy sandstone, TORC Cleaning uses a swirling vortex of low air pressure, a small amount of water and a fine, inert granlute to delicately remove carbon staining from delicate sandstone.

The TORC Cleaning System control head is modularised so we can control the power of the system.

TORC Cleaning on sandstone Glasgow homes
The before and after photos of TORC Cleaning and its results on sandstone cleaning

Our Advanced Cleaning Services

At Balmore Contracting, we proudly use TORC as part of our cleaning ‘arsenal’ that allows us to offer our customers the very best in cleaning services for both internal and external use. With TORC Cleaning, we can help to clean and restore the sandstone homes of Glasgow to their original visual glory.

If you have noticed that the sandstone of your home is looking dark and stained then maybe now is the time to have it professionally cleaned. TORC Cleaning can help to remove the carbon build up that causes this staining.

With over 30 years of difficult access cleaning services across Glasgow and the central belt of Scotland, we have built a reputation for quality service in everything we do. From stonework cleaning to paint removal and so much more.

Call our Glasgow head office today to discuss your sandstone cleaning requirements and get a tailored quote specific to your needs.

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