Confined Spaces Cleanup to prevent a biohazard build up

Grain Silos and food storage tanks. They are a vital part of the food processing stages that take what is grown in the fields around the outskirts of Glasgow (and other places) and turns it into the food we serve at dinner time.

But these silos and food storage tanks need to be cleaned to prevent various biological diseases and viruses from building and spreading. Now a silo, depending on what industry it is used in), can be a low oxygen high risk environment and that requires a specialist access cleaning team.

Which is why so many industries call in Balmore Contracting to provide a cleaning maintenance program to ensure that their silos are cleaned professionally and to a high standard to ensure that their own product is at the level that their customers demand.

In our industry, we are so often the support crew that allows our customers to offer their customers the best in service at a consistent level.

If you would like to know more about our confined spaces cleaning please contact our Glasgow head office.