Professional and reliable Deep Clean Services in Glasgow

We are Balmore Contracting and we provide a industry leading home cleaning and deep clean service across Glasgow and the central belt of Scotland. When it comes to choosing a professional deep clean service, our attention to detail and check point cleaning plan means that everything truly is cleaned top to bottom AND inside and out.

If you have decided that your home needs some professional cleaning attention then a deep clean service from Balmore is the right choice for you. It may sound cheesy but we don’t cut corners – we clean them!

If you are looking for a deep clean package for your flat, apartment, town house or home then we are here to provide the best service at a competitive price.

Deep Clean Services in Glasgow

If you are moving home or are the landlord/tenant and need to have your property deep cleaned then our ‘deep clean tenancy cleaning‘ option will perfectly fit your needs.   We have over 30 years of genuine deep clean experience in Glasgow and we truly believe that we are the best cleaning company around for all manner of deep clean, biohazard cleaning, Builders Clean and Difficult Access Cleaning.

Our decades of experience has seen us refine and hone our cleaning approach and customer service so that whatever your deep cleaning requirements, we will always treat your home with the utmost care and respect whilst letting you know exactly what we have cleaned and how. After all, it is your home and the last thing you want is a lack of respect to be shown or the wrong cleaning products to be used.

One of our key recipes for success is that we employ our deep clean team on a full time basis. Each member of our cleaning team has to go through regular retraining both in cleaning procedures and in the latest cleaning technologies. And on top of ensuring that we have a dedicated and professional cleaning team, we also heavily invest in our cleaning equipment.  We do not simply turn up with a bucket and mop.  We utilise some pretty impressive cleaning technology.  Technologies such as DOFF Steam Cleaning which we are proudly one of the few cleaning firms in Glasgow to offer.

So when we say deep clean, we really do mean deep clean. We are one of the very few cleaning companies to offer this service in Glasgow and we constantly excelled in it because we always ensure that every corner of your property is cleaned to the highest standards.

What is a Deep Clean?

Deep clean includes a number of cleaning activities ranging from removing rubbish including any potential biohazard elements, removal and disposal of furniture, cleaning kitchens, ovens, bathrooms, toilets, walls, ceilings…the list goes on. Whatever cleaning you need done, our team of expert cleaners can and will get it done. And thanks to our years of experience, we know the right cleaning product to use on the right material so not only will your home be cleaned but it will also not be damaged.

Why should you trust Balmore for your Deep Clean needs?

Our decades of experience haven’t come easy. We have provided deep cleaning services across Glasgow and have as you can imagine, come across some pretty filthy properties in that time. But we always clean from top to bottom and we always leave a property in the highest possible standards. We have never shied away from a cleaning job yet and the list of reviews, testimonials and referrals back this up

If you are looking for a deep cleaning firm that can get the job done on time and to the highest standards then Balmore Contracting are the cleaning team for you.

  • Cleaning from top to bottom
  • High quality standards & cleaning procedures
  • Only use professional cleaning products
  • We use commercial grade cleaning equipment
  • Full sanitation & disinfection
  • Experienced cleaning team
  • Optional Biohazard Cleaning Service