Disaster Recovery services from Balmore is the best way of tackling ‘hope for the best – deal with the worst’.

With over three decades of experience in all forms of high end specialist cleaning services in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Scotland, our disaster recovery services covers a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors as well as individual home owners.

Disasters ranging from fire to water and accident damage are all covered under our disaster recovery services. This service is available 24/7 across Glasgow and the capital Edinburgh where we only use our full time disaster recovery team who are highly experienced and fully trained cleaning experts armed with the latest in cutting edge cleaning and maintenance technology to ensure that your disaster recovery is quick, clean and as stress free as possible.

We can usually be on site in an emergency within 2 hours (dependant on location) which can help us eliminate the risk of secondary damage that can occur when the first wave of issues is not dealt with quickly. This means that you can return to your home or get your business back into operating hours more quickly.

The list of services we provide within Disaster Recovery includes the following

We have been providing disaster recovery services for over thirty years and in that time we have constantly invested in our team and our equipment.  It is why we can confidently state that we are one of Glasgow’s leading disaster recovery services teams.

disaster recovery cleaning services

To find out more about our disaster cleaning services across Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland, call our Glasgow head office on 0141 370 4038