Disaster Recovery Flooding Services in Glasgow because of the weather

It may sound drastic to be calling is disaster recovery because after all, to some it is just a little rain. But when your home is literally flooding because of blocked drains, heavy rain and burst piping, it really is no laughing matter.

At Balmore, we run one of the cities top disaster recovery services and can respond to incidents across Glasgow ASAP.

Using professional cleaning staff to expertly clean water damaged items and dry out your home in a safe and controlled manner that preserves as much of your items as possible while ensuring that the very foundations of your home are dealt with carefully.

Water damage can have lasting effects on a property and its very foundations so while so many residents of Glasgow may think that a bucket and mop is the only way to deal with a flooded home, the right way is to bring in the professionals. From dealing with the stonework of your home to ensuring that no future mould etc can damage your homes contents.

We have built our reputation on offering a reliable, honest and dependable service that has served us and our customers well for over 30 years.

So if you have been hit hard by the heavy rain monsoon that has fallen on Glasgow recently, call Balmore Contracting today.