DOFF Steam Cleaning can bring new life to brickwork without damaging the stonework itself.

DOFF Cleaning uses a low pressure/high temperature steam cleaning system to thoroughly clean the surface of brickwork.

DOFF Cleaning can be used to remove:

  • Paint
  • Graffiti vandalism
  • Pigeon fouling
  • Vermin fouling
  • Pollution build up
  • Algae, moss and fungi
  • Bitumen, oils and grease

How does DOFF Cleaning work?

DOFF Cleaning uses a standard water supply which is pumped into the DOFF systems hotbox. The water is then heated to a controlled temperature anywhere up to 150oC. This newly created steam is then pumped out at low volume through a heat resistant hose and interconnected nozzle. Because of the high temperatures and low pressure, the DOFF steam cleaning system can be used to clean brickwork without damaging the material through pressure, thermal shock or deep saturation.

sympathetic sandstone cleaning

DOFF Cleaning of brickwork works in conjunction with a specially formulated brick cleaning solution that is designed to remove pollutants, staining, biological matter (such as algae/moss/fungi) and other dirt build ups without damaging the brickwork. This includes the pointing used to hold the brick together.

Because of the low pressure, DOFF uses very little water and there is almost no excess water absorbed by the brick. This can help extend the life of the brick as other methods of cleaning including pressure washing can saturate the brickwork which can take a long time to fully dry out.

Where can DOFF Cleaning be used?

DOFF Cleaning can be used in all brickwork locations. From historic building restoration to hospitals, factories, domestic properties, food production facilities, transportation hubs, railway stations….the list goes on.

Does it require chemicals?

Because the steam is super-heated, there is no need to use harmful chemicals. The DOFF Steam Cleaning steam will actually kill off the spores of biological matter like moss, algae and fungi making it harder to come back. For some DOFF Cleaning Services such as Brickwork cleaning, we can use specially designed solutions to make the cleaning process more thorough. This can be used in a case by case situation.

Will the steam not damage the stonework?

We use the DOFF Steam Cleaning system because it is so delicate with the stonework and masonry that we use it on. Even though the the steam is super heated, the actual pressure at which it comes out of the nossle and onto the surface is very low. This gives a very gentle pressure whilst using a low volume of water (5 litres per minute). The surface is therefore not saturated and will actually dry in minutes.

With no harsh pressure or chemicals being used, there is no damage to the stonework. This is why DOFF Steam Cleaning is approved to be used by various heritage and preservation bodies including English Heritage.

Where do we cover

Based in Glasgow, we cover all of the Central Belt of Scotland.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about our DOFF Steam Cleaning system, request case studies specific to your cleaning needs or would like to know more about our one off or scheduled cleaning contracts, please contact our Glasgow head office on 0141 370 4038 or email