Because of the huge range of possible uses for DOFF Steam Cleaning, we do not provide a set price structure for our cleaning services. The best course of action is to contact us today to discus your requirements and we can provide you with a specific quote tailored to your needs.

What is DOFF Steam Cleaning?

For the easy and gentle removal and cleaning of paints, graffiti, vegetation (moss & algae) and more from buildings, stonework, pavements and fencing.

The truly amazing DOFF Steam Cleaning system delivers far superior results compared to other methods of cleaning including power washing using jet pressure washers.

The DOFF Cleaning system uses super-heated steam at 150 degress centigrade. Designed and developed to provide a class leading tool to effectively remove the likes of grafitti, painted walls, biological matter and the general dirt, grime and air pollution that city buildings can suffer from throughout the year WITHOUT causing any damage to the original building or surface.

DOFF Steam Cleaning is most effective in removing:
• Paint coatings (most oil and plastic types)
• Most types of graffiti paint
• Pigeon and Rodent fouling
• Algae, moss, fungi and other biological matter
• Wax coatings
• Chewing gum
• Bitumen, Oil and Grease

And all without causing any damage or disfiguration to the original surface material.

Does it require chemicals?

Because the steam is super-heated, there is no need to use harmful chemicals. The DOFF Steam Cleaning steam will actually kill off the spores of biological matter like moss, algae and fungi making it harder to come back.

Will the steam not damage the stonework?

We use the DOFF Steam Cleaning system because it is so delicate with the stonework and masonry that we use it on. Even though the the steam is super heated, the actual pressure at which it comes out of the nossle and onto the surface is very low. This gives a very gentle pressure whilst using a low volume of water (5 litres per minute). The surface is therefore not saturated and will actually dry in minutes.

With no harsh pressure or chemicals being used, there is no damage to the stonework. This is why DOFF Steam Cleaning is approved to be used by various heritage and preservation bodies including English Heritage.

DOFF Steam Cleaning can be used on brick, stone, concrete, tiles, wood and terracotta.

DOFF Steam Cleaning can be used in building restoration, hygiene control, hospitals, swimming pools, factories, workshops and more.