Across Glasgow and Edinburgh there is a constant demand for emergency cleaning services both for commercial and residential customers.

Whether it is emergency ventilation cleaning to ensure that your business is fully safe, compliant and insured from fire risk; or a loved one has sadly passed and a trauma cleaning service is required – we can provide a rapid response cleaning team to your Glasgow or Edinburgh address ASAP.

Our list of emergency cleaning services covers the following:

At Balmore Contracting we have over three decades of genuine cleaning services experience in and around Glasgow.  And in those three decades we have regularly invested in both our team and our equipment to guarantee that we can and will offer our customers the very best in class leading emergency cleaning services.

Our entire cleaning team are all full time Balmore Contracting personnel and as such, we can guarantee our quality of work each and every time.  Every one of our team are fully trained, qualified and certified in all manner of cleaning from ‘at risk’ biohazard cleaning to ‘Difficult Access Cleaning’ which can require ‘at height’ cleaning work to be carried out.

emergency cleaning services

We have a simple rule at Balmore, clean ever corner wherever it is and however hard it is to reach.  We are difficult access specialists and have built a reputation among businesses in Glasgow as a cleaning firm that truly can clean top to bottom and inside and out.  We regularly reinvest in the very latest cleaning equipment such as DOFF Steam Cleaning to ensure that we can offer a top level cleaning service and use the right cleaning technique on the right material to avoid damage where possible.

If you would like to know more about our Emergency Cleaning Services across Glasgow and Edinburgh, please call our Glasgow head office on 0141 370 4038.

emergency cleaning services in Glasgow