When it comes to fires in the home, there are so many variables to contend with that no two fires are ever the same. Whilst the physical destruction that a fire causes can be devastating in its own right, a fire in the home goes far beyond the visual damage that you can see because of the fire.

The contaminants that are involved in a fire vary dependent on things like the location in the house that the fire started, the temperature, household materials, the type of building construction and building materials used as well as things like the wind speed and what direction it came from. Even the variable of how long fire damage has been left for has to be considered. These variables dictate what level of fire & smoke cleaning are required.

But whatever level of fire and smoke damage that you have had to endure in your home, at Balmore Contracting, you are in safe hands. We are a fully qualified and certified cleaning firm that specialises in all manner of difficult access, biohazard and accident cleaning services. From our head office in Glasgow, we cover all of Scotland and the North of England offering a quality cleaning service that has been refined for over three decades.

Our services in fire restoration covers everything from internal to external cleaning. Outside building stonework can be easily and safely cleaned using our amazing DOFF Steam Cleaning system whilst out professional cleaning team can safely clean every and all fabrics and surfaces that are able to be salvaged and restored after your fire. We can also conduct a survey to inspect for secondary fire damage. Secondary fire damage is common with house fires and generally do not appear until a few weeks after the actual fire.

Beyond the damage that a fire has caused, there is also the smoke damage to contend with. Whilst smoke damage is often overlooked, the toxins and chemicals from smoke particles can cause future health issues such as respiratory and premature death and have to be treated seriously. That is why it is of paramount importance that fire and smoke damage in a home be treated by a professional cleaning company.

At Balmore Contracting, we can fully de-contaminate your home from any fire and smoke damage, restoring it to an ‘as new’ state.