If you have suffered from a fire, you will understandably be overwhelmed with emotions.

And whilst this is a difficult time, it is very important to act quickly to deal with a fire restoration project.

Why? Fire damage leads to corrosion that can limit the success of a fire restoration cleaning project. The decontamination of your home must take place quickly. A fire, even though it is now put out by the Emergency Services, is still working away at damaging your home. A fire stabilisation phase is where secondary fire damage can appear. From smoke damage permanently destroying furniture to pipe work in the home developing leaks that can go undetected for weeks. They can all be minimalised if you deal with the restoration of your home after a fire quickly.

Why? With more damage comes higher costs for the restoration of your home and can even lead to a property having to be left vacant for a longer period of time. The potential hazards of smoke damage on your home and your health is no laughing matter.

When it comes to fire restoration, it is always a case of – the sooner the better. At Balmore Contracting, we have been dealing with specialist cleaning ranging from biohazards to difficult access cleaning for over thirty years. This level of experience has allowed us to fully understand the complexities of fire damage cleaning. So act quickly and call us today on 0141 370 4038.

As your appointed cleaning firm to handle the fire and smoke damage cleaning and restoration, we will carry out an assessment to determine the extent of the fire damage to your home and the contents damage. This step will help to determine the severity of cleaning required and guide the rest of our cleaning and restoration process. It also allows us to create a cost estimate and time frame for getting your home back to habitable status.

We can now begin the process of cleaning and restoring your home. Whilst every fire creates a different level of cleaning and decontamination that is required, the common methods used for fire damage restoration include pressure washing, air scrubbing, steam cleaning, DOFF Steam Cleaning, dry cleaning and thermal odour removal. Any furniture that has been damaged shall be removed for decontamination or disposed of if unrepairable.

The initial wave of cleaning is focused on decontamination of the home. The final stage of restoration focuses on the contents of the property. Our priority is to restore and renovate your home back to a pre-fire state with little furniture and other home property replacements unless required.

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If you have suffered from a fire and need your home deep cleaned by a professional cleaning contractor, don’t delay. Call us today.