Graffiti is a clearly defined level of vandalism and for business owners and homeowners alike, it is an issue that we could all deal without.

Whether the graffiti is located on delicate sandstone, modern brick, steel, concrete, tile or similar, we can provide a fully professional, cost effective graffiti removal services. Operating out of our head office in Glasgow, we provide graffiti removal services across Scotland and the North of England and can restore your graffiti damaged building back to its its prime condition.

To remove graffiti vandalism, we use DOFF Steam Cleaning Technology. This modern day marvel uses superheated steam to gently remove the graffiti paint without damaging the underlying surface. You can read more about DOFF Steam Cleaning here >>>.

removing graffiti from public property

As one of the UK’s leading difficult access cleaning specialists, there is no area that is out of reach for our specialist cleaning team. We are high level cleaning qualified and can use rope access methods to reach any and all points that required cleaning.

It means that whether the graffiti is on ground level or several stories high, we can access it and we will clean it.

Typical ‘hotspots’ for graffiti vandalism include the likes of schools, bus stations, factories, warehouses, hotels and other public buildings. But no matter what the surface, we can clean it.

We have a strong level of experience dealing with graffiti removal on the following:
Pebble dashing
Tiled facades

Graffiti is vandalism and can be unsightly, offensive and abusive which means that getting it removed quickly is of paramount importance. With Balmore Contracting, you get the complete package of fast response times, professional service and competitive pricing. We use the latest in cleaning technologies to ensure the effective removal of the vandalism without damaging the underlying surface material.

And once we have provided a graffiti cleaning & removal service, we can then provide prevention coatings to help prevent the vandals from committing the same offence twice.

If you would like to know more about out graffiti removal services, please contact our Glasgow head office on 0141 370 4038