High Level DOFF Brick Cleaning

Our team have been hard at work the last week cleaning the brickwork on the side of this building in Glasgow.

As you can see from the picture – that is a lot of bricks to clean.

DOFF Steam Cleaning Brick Work

DOFF Steam Cleaning is an amazing cleaning technology that works to clean the grime and dirt that makes stonework like this discoulored over time.

You can find out more about DOFF Steam Cleaning by clicking here.

Across Glasgow, because of the wet windy weather, stonework and brickwork is constantly suffering from the effects of polution, carbin staining, moss, algae and weathering.

And that is before you introduce outside elements like grafitti paint vandalisation.

All of it can be dealt with by DOFF Steam cleaning. And that is why Balmore were called in. We are one of Scotland’s leading DOFF Steam Cleaning experts. And while it may seem laborious to clean a building brick by brick – our philosophy has always been to not cur corners but to clean them.

And that is what DOFF Steam Cleaning allows us to do. Delicately clean the brick stonework, removing the pollution and bio staining without damaging the actual stonework.