Make Safe Stonework

In late August we were busy performing a lot of ‘Make Safe’ work.

As a stonework repair specialist, we are frequently called out to repair damaged stonework across Glasgow.

Sadly through time and poor upkeep, some of the stunning sandstone building architecture of Glasgow can come under stress from weather damage. Plant growth can create cracks and the freezing/defrosting/freezing cycle of winter weather that hits the city can be a killer for such a delicate stonework.

Sometimes, this stonework becomes loose and can become a significant danger to pedestrians and home owners.

As one of the leading rope access specialists in Glasgow and a qualified ‘at height’ stonework company, we are ideally placed to access these difficult to reach stonework pieces and repair, restore, clean and fix them.

If you would like to know more about our stonework cleaning services, please contact us or ready about our DOFF, TORC & Dry Ice Blasting services by clicking this link.