Across the Oil & Gas industry, time is money and the smooth operation of an Oil & Gas facility is paramount to its success.

Yet regular cleaning in these facilities is required to remove the likes of bitumen from vessels and piping in order to keep production and efficiency moving smoothly.

To do this, the oil & gas industry needs a fast yet powerful and effective cleaning tool.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is one of the latest cleaning technologies available and can offer real time and cost savings over conventional cleaning methods yet is non abrasive and can be used on more delicate components and equipment without damage.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning uses dry ice pellets propelled at incredibly high speed using compressed air. The thermal effect that occurs when the dry ice hits the cleaning surface helps to loosen even tough bitumen before the expansion of the dry ice as it turns to a gas effectively lifts the staining away. This is a powerful yet residue free cleaning method.

One of the beautiful benefits of dry ice blasting is that it minimises any potential disassembly of equipment or pre cleaning preparation which can save significant down time and because the dry ice turns into a gas, the clean up time and disposal of and contaminants, paint residue or grit from equipment cleaning is reduced.

oil & gas cleaning
Dry Ice Blasting is perfect for removing corrosion from metals

Dry Ice Cleaning can be used on:

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Generators
  • Radiator Fins
  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Sea Vessels
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Silos
  • Piping
  • and more.

Dry Ice Blasting for the Oil & Gas Industry provides a faster, more efficient cleaning system that is non abrasive and provides a more thorough and targeted clean.

It is ideal for the likes of sulphur removal, metal corrosion and contaminant removal.

To find out more about dry ice blast cleaning for the Oil & Gas Industry, please contact our Glasgow head office by calling 0141 370 4038 or email