Paint Removal on Stone Walls in Killwining

Kilwinning Train Station was once a great example of a sandstone train station building. Then like so many other stations across Scotland, the stone was painted over with a thick heavy oil paint. For years, this remained the case but now, that original sandstone can see the light again.

Balmore Contracting were called in to remove the old oil paint without damaging the original sandstone.

As one of the leading commercial stonework cleaning companies in Scotland, we were more than up to the job. Over the years we have constantly reinvested in both out team and our equipment. And that means that we have access to some of the best cleaning technology available. So while other cleaning companies may not be able to remove the paintwork without damaging the stonework, for Balmore, this was not a problem. That is because we have DOFF Steam Cleaning system as part of our arsenal. You can find out more about DOFF Steam Cleaning here > but in summary, it is a low pressure high temperature steam system that can easily remove the thick oil paints without damaging the stonework underneath.

If you would like to know more about DOFF Steam Cleaning for your stonework cleaning in Scotland. Please call our Glasgow Head Office on 0141 370 4038