About our BioHazard Cleaning Services

Biohazards ranging from human bodily fluids and faecal matter have the unfortunate ability to carry dangerous viruses such as Hepatitus B, Heapatitus C and HIV.  Using a professional biohazard cleaning service from Balmore Contracting will ensure the safe decontamination and site cleaning of any and all areas exposed to a bio hazard.

For over three decades, Balmore Contracting have been providing the very best in industry leading cleaning services across Glasgow, Edinburgh and Lanarkshire.  Our cleaning team are fully trained in the very latest cleaning procedures and techniques and are regularly retrained to ensure that we can provide the very best in cleaning service.

Bio-hazard cleaning is no laughing matter and we take the process incredibly seriously.  We work under tight guidelines and can provide you with everything you need to know and understand as part of the cleaning process.  Under the Health & Safety at Work Act, employers are legally responsible for the health and safety of all employees and site visitors which is why our trained biohazard team can advise and keep you up to date on every stage of the cleaning process.


Why are Balmore Contracting the best choice for biohazard cleaning?

Balmore Contracting is just one company under an umbrella group that covers everything from biohazard cleaning to building work, drone surveys and difficult access building restoration.  We truly are the number one stop for difficult access cleaning and repairs.  Investing heavily in the latest technology and constantly retraining our team of cleaning specialists to ensure that the correct cleaning procedures are followed.  We can work difficult site locations and we cover all of Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Scotland.  We offer a full report of what services we have covered and we genuinely don’t cut corners – we clean them all.


Our biohazard cleaning services cover:

  • Infection Control
  • Crime Scene Cleaning
  • Blood, Urine, Faeces and other bodily fluids
  • Needles/Used Drug Removal
  • Remove decomposed material
  • Rodent Infestation Cleaning
  • Deodorizing
  • Accident Cleaning

biohazrd cleaning services in Glasgow

Eco-friendly approach

We believe that all businesses have a responsibility to the environment and therefore have a strict approach to being eco-friendly and always aiming to reduce our carbon footprints as much as we can. A thorough industrial clean does involve chemicals in order to remove any form of dirt or bacteria. Through using non-harmful and bio-degradable chemicals, which are considerably less harmful than the more commonly used chemicals by other cleaning companies, we stay true to our environmentally-friendly approach and still offer you top results. Balmore is accredited to ISO 9001,14001 & 18001.

biohazard cleaning services in Scotland
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We provide Biohazard Cleaning services across Glasgow & Edinburgh