Commercial Silo Cleaning across Scotland and the North of England.

Over a period of time, industrial and agricultural silos (and similar storage containers) that are used for commodities can build up with bulk compacted material. This can range from flour, sugar and maize to grain and animal feed.

Because of this build up of material/matter, they require periodic specialist silo cleaning involving high risk access working in a potentially low oxygen environment to remove this compacted material and prevent this build up or residue from causing damage to equipment, This includes potential biohazards that can facilitate the breeding of SPI (Store Product Insects) which can cause contamination.

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When does Silo Cleaning need to take place?

The first signs that a storage silo cleaning is required to remove these obstructions is when material discharging from the container occurs in noticeable chunks. Or the silo needs to go through more frequent fill cycles because it is not emptying properly.

Whilst the build up of deposits inside a silo can cause these issues, a more serious issue that can be caused by the build up of bulk matter (potential tunneling) within silos is something called ‘off-center’ loading. This can be a serious safety risk and can lead to damage of the equipment caused by the creation of a non-uniform pressure of the interior walls.

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Our Silo Cleaning Services

At Balmore Contracting, we offer silo cleaning services for commercial businesses as part of our difficult access confined spaces cleaning service.

The benefits of Silo Cleaning?

The Benefits of using our silo cleaning services are:

  • Reduce risk of product contamination
  • Reduced risk of biohazards
  • Reduced downtime of silo
  • Silo Cleaning Survey

At Balmore Contracting, we are able to clean all types of commercial silo and similar storage vessels that are used for flour, wheat, salt and similar.

As one of the UK’s leading difficult access cleaning specialists, we are able to access these confined spaces to scrape and clean away deposit build ups that can cause equipment damage and contamination. We use vacuum, brushes and scrapers to ensure the safe and thorough cleaning of interior surfaces in silos.

Our cleaning process goes beyond the interior of the silos. We can provide a complete ‘top to bottom/inside and out’ cleaning service to ensure that your silos are thoroughly deep cleaned. It is part of the full Balmore Contracting range of services.

If you would like to know more about Balmore Contracting and our specialised Silo Cleaning Services, please contact our head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4038