Delivering powerful cleaning results to protect your business from infectious bacteria, diseases and viruses.

At Balmore Contracting, we provide a leading disinfection service using a variety of specialist cleaning systems from fogging to drones. All operated by our professional and fully qualified cleaning contractors who are equipped with the necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and specialist disinfection equipment that allows them to work safely in low, medium and high risk access locations.

covid disinfection cleaning services
Disinfection Cleaning Services

Why you need a disinfection service

With the Covid-19 Pandemic having swept across Scotland in 2020, it is more important than ever to carry out a complete disinfection deep clean of your business premises in order to better protect your staff and your customers. The coronavirus can spread quickly so it is important that as part of a series of cleaning steps, you take the necessary precautions to better protect the health and safety of those on your business premises.

Our disinfection cleaning services provides business across Scotland with a quality cleaning service that allows their employees and customers a safer working environment. Our disinfection cleaning services are tailored to your business needs as we all work together to deal with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

biohazard and covid disinfection cleaning
We can use our fogging system on a UAV

One off and scheduled disinfection services

As a leading cleaning contractor, we can offer both one off stand alone cleaning services as well as scheduled maintenance contracts for premises that are looking to lower the risk of viral infection and cross contamination.

Our one off services can be called upon regardless of whether there has been any confirmed or suspected Covid-19 case on site and from our head office in the outskirts of Glasgow, we can provide a fast response to your business premises to help maintain the high level of hygiene that is so vital in these uncertain pandemic times.

Our disinfection service includes:

  • Site Survey
  • 100% Decontamination of all surfaces
  • Touchpoint Cleaning
  • Disinfection Fogging
  • Safe disposal of any contaminated waste
  • Biohazard cleaning (where required)
  • DOFF Steam Cleaning (where required)

Why Balmore

We are a Glasgow based Cleaning Specialist, fully trained, qualified and certified in Biohazard Cleaning, Industrial, Ventilation, Deep Clean and Difficult Access Cleaning.

With over three decades of experience in Scotland as a leading cleaning service for both the corporate, industrial, food, oil & gas and public sectors, we have become the go to name when businesses require a complete cleaning package.

When an office environment has been infected by Coronavirus thanks to a carrier who has picked it up through human to human contact, that environment needs to be deep cleaned to help prevent the virus from spreading.

We are both skilled and experienced in dealing with the safe and thorough cleaning of Biohazards and can help with the cleaning of office buildings and other business premises that may have seen contact with victims of the Coronavirus.

Find out more

To find out more about our disinfection cleaning services and biohazard cleaning services, please contact our head office today on 0141 370 4038. For businesses on the East Coast, please call our Edinburgh office on 0131 314 2896

covid disinfection cleaning services
Based in Glasgow and serving Scotland for a complete range of disinfection cleaning services