From Edinburgh to Glasgow and across England, cleaning stonework at height has previously been an expensive and hazardous process. Now however there is an alternative.

Our difficult access cleaning team can use Rope Access systems and the powerful cleaning power of DOFF Steam Cleaning to clean the stonework of high rise buildings across the country.

stonework cleaning using rope access
Stonework Cleaning at height using a Rope Access team

What is DOFF Steam Cleaning?

DOFF Cleaning is a stonework cleaning system that uses super heated steam to remove paint, staining and biological matter from stonework including red and yellow sandstone.

How does it work?

DOFF Cleaning uses NO chemicals, instead taking advantage of super heated steam.

It kills of the spores of moss & algae which reduces the chance of the biological matter coming back. Because the actual pressure of the steam coming out of the nozel is so gentle, it is the perfect cleaning tool for delicate sandstone and other stonework. And with such a small amount ofwater required to operate the cleaning system, the stonework is not saturated and will dry in minutes.

Why is DOFF Cleaning on High Rise Buildings so beneficial?

Our rope access team, equipped with DOFF Cleaning provides the perfect stonework cleaning option for multi story buildings across Glasgow & Edinburgh. Because it does not use chemicals, it is completely safe to be used in populated areas (ideal for tall buildings in built up city areas) and because we can provide the service using rope access, there is no requirement for expensive scaffolding systems which are both time consuming to erect and require permits.

The entire system can also be operated with no direct power access and there is no traffic management set up required.

DOFF Cleaning with Rope Access is a superior stonework cleaning system compared to alternative methods.

With over 30 years of difficult access cleaning services across Scotland and North England, we have built our name on a consistent level of quality and service.

To discuss your stonework cleaning requirements and to find out more about DOFF Cleaning at height using Rope Access, please contact our Glasgow Head Office by calling 0141 370 4038 or emailing

DOFF stonework cleaning tall buildings
Our Glasgow Head Office from where we can provide stonework cleaning across Scotland