Store product insects (SPI) are a range of insects which are commonly found in silos and can infest dry stored foods. These include:

  • Khapra Beetles (an invasive species worldwide
  • Weevils (another type of beetle)
  • Biscuit Beetle
  • Grain Weevil
  • Confused Flour Beetle
  • Saw Toothed Grain Beetle
  • Larder Beetle
  • Silver Fish
  • Mill Moths

Stored product insects can appear at almost any point in the food supply chain as they do not just east the food contents, they use it as their habitat. This in fact is why many of these insects are named after the type of food produce that they eat.

There are a huge variety of stored product insects and from the egg to larval, pupal and final insect, that need to be cleaned in commercial food storage silos which is why, to help eradicate and control the spread of SPI, Silo Cleaning is regularly required.

Specialist Silo Cleaning

We are a reputable and trusted difficult access cleaning specialist that goes well beyond the bucket and mop of standard cleaners. We are a trained and certified cleaning contractor equipped with the latest in safety and cleaning tools. In short, we can access everywhere and anywhere and we can clean everything and anything.

Our cleaning services can handle a wide range of issues ranging from biohazards to dangerous access points (dangerous access points include ‘one way in – one way out’ scenarios).

Low Oxygen Silo Cleaning

At Balmore Contracting, the range of confined spaces cleaning services that we offer covers:

  • Culverts
  • Tanks
  • Vessels
  • Silos
  • Pipes

High Risk Confined Spaces Cleaning

High Risk Confined Spaces cleaning requires a dedicated and professionally trained team of cleaning technicians armed with the latest in both survival and cleaning tools.

High Risk confined spaces are classified as anything involving the following:

  • Require respiratory protection (breathing apparatus)
  • Fire/Explosion Risk
  • Loss of consciousness risk through increased body temperature
  • Loss of consciousness risk through asphyxiation from gas, fumes, vapour or lack of oxygen
  • Risk of drowning
  • Complex entry procedures
  • One way in/out access

Working in a high risk confined space area can be extremely dangerous which is why our team are fully trained and certified to work in this category 1 environment. We are difficult access specialists and have been for over three decades and can work on any and all service and maintenance cleaning environments that require the following:

  • Blockage, silt and debris removal
  • Maintenance and installations in confined spaces or at height
  • Vegetation removal
  • Surveys; confined space and high access
  • All types of minor repairs
  • Painting
  • Brick work and pointing

To carry out these types of complicated and dangerous access cleaning services requires a dedicated team or fully trained cleaning contractors. We are fully equipped to handle confined space cleaning work and are armed with the latest in cleaning tech and solutions to provide a practical, safe cleaning solution to you.

From our head office in Glasgow, we can provide confined spaces cleaning services across the West of Scotland and the North of England.

If you would like to know more about our cleaning services for confined spaces or indeed any of our other cleaning services, please contact our head office on 0141 9446100 today.