When you have to deal with the painful experience of losing a loved one through suicide, there is unfortunately still the issue of dealing with the clean up of the location that the suicide took place in. When you need a professional suicide cleanup service, Balmore Contracting are just a call away.

Our certified cleaning technicians are not just fully trained and qualified in suicide cleanup sites and the related biohazard cleaning, they are also understanding, discreet and caring of your current situation.

Our reputation at Balmore Contracting has been built up over the decades on the level of service and care that we offer our customers. When it comes to dealing with the difficult issue of suicide cleanup, we are here for you to ensure that the situation is handled with dignity and as stress free for you as possible in this difficult time.

We cannot stress enough however how important it is to call in a professional suicide clean up crew who can handle the potential biohazard risks involved.

A human body begins decompossing relatively quickly after death and with that comes numerous biohazard risks. Domestic cleaning products are simply not designed to handle the unique pathogens and bacteria involved in unattended death and suicides. That is why calling in a professional cleaning service is a must.

If you have any questions for us about suicide cleanup services and the biohazard risks involved, please call our Glasgow head office today