Suicide in Scotland is sadly a constant problem with current statistics indicating that there are on average, two suicides per day in Scotland throughout the year.

And while the loss of a loved one can be difficult to cope with, there is still unfortunately the matter of dealing with the clean up of a suicide location.

When you have to deal with the painful experience of losing a loved one through suicide, it is the responsibility of the family to deal with any clean up of a suicide location after the body has been taken to the morgue. While it may be an unpleasant thing to deal with, it is incredibly important to deal with suicide trauma clean up scenese properly to ensure that there is no potential biohazard risks for those left behind. When you need a professional suicide cleanup service, Balmore Contracting are just a call away.

Our certified cleaning technicians are fully trained and qualified in suicide cleanup sites and the related biohazard cleaning. We are also understanding, discreet and caring of your current situation. While we know that there is a job to do, we still ensure that we deal with our customers in the most compassionate way possible.

Our reputation at Balmore has been built up over the decades (since we first founded in 1989) on both the level of service that we offer and the care that we provide our customers. When it comes to dealing with the difficult issue of suicide cleanup, we are here for you to ensure that the situation is handled with dignity and as stress free for you as possible in this difficult time.

suicide cleaning in Glasgow
Suicide Cleaning in a home is incredibly important

What are biohazards and why are they so much of a risk?

We cannot stress enough how important it is to call in a professional suicide clean up crew who can handle the potential biohazard risks involved with suicide cleaning.

A human body begins decompossing relatively quickly after death and with that comes numerous biohazard risks. Domestic cleaning products that your traditional cleaning company would use and those that you can buy in the supermarket are simply not designed to handle the unique pathogens and bacteria involved in unattended death and suicides. That is why calling in a professional cleaning service, armed with the right cleaning chemicals and procedures is so important.

Our cleaning goes beyond the visible surfaces. From blood that can literally slip through the cracks in a floor to the difficult access locations that so many cleaners would overlook. We thoroughly deep clean and entire suicide location to ensure that there is no biohazard contaminant left behind.

We know that this will be a difficult time for you but it is incredibly important for those that will continue to be living in the property for the future to have it cleaned properly.

If you have any questions for us about suicide cleaning services and the biohazard risks involved, please call our Glasgow head office today by calling 0141 370 4038.