Ideal for graffiti cleaning and sandstone cleaning

Graffiti Vandalism is sadly an ongoing battle in cities around Scotland. The unsightly paint vandalism is both a visual eyesore and can damage the sandstone walls themselves.

Sandstone is of course a very popular building material across Scotland and the cleaning of graffiti from sandstone walls must be done with great care and to ensure that it does not damage the porous material. Pressure washing should never be used for cleaning graffiti from sandstone as the forceful nature of this method of cleaning will permanently damage the sandstone.

Sympathetic Sandstone Cleaning with DOFF

DOFF Steam Cleaning is a modern cleaning system that uses super heated steam to clean and remove paint from stonework. We have been using DOFF steam cleaning for a number of years for Graffiti Cleaning on delicate sandstone. There are NO chemicals used in DOFF Cleaning and in comparison to pressure washing, uses very little water, making it better for the environment.

sympathetic sandstone cleaning

The superheated steam that comes out of the nozzle of the DOFF Steam Cleaner can be used to remove Paint, Chemical Staining & Biological Matter including moss, algae and fungus. DOFF Steam Cleaning kills of the spores of moss and fungus which significantly reduces the chances of the biological matter coming back. Something that pressure washing cannot do. And all done with no chemicals.

Our DOFF Steam System can also be used as a Softwash system for stonework cleaning.

In recent years, the warmer winter weather in Glasgow and indeed the central belt of Scotland has allowed algae, moss and other organic matter a larger growth window and they have truly taken advantage of this. Combined with increasing city traffic pollution, the exterior of buildings have become more and more dirty thanks to an increase of pollutants, moss and algae. This has all left residential and commercial properties looking tired and stained.

DOFF Steam Cleaning can be used indoors and outdoors to safely remove ingrained surface contaminates and stains in the following situations:

Our DOFF Steam Cleaning system is operated by professional full time Balmore Contracting personnel. As one of Glasgow’s leading professional cleaning contractors specialising in biohazard cleaningventilation cleaningdifficult access and industrial site cleaning, DOFF Steam Cleaning fits nicely into our range of deep clean services.