Find out more about the 5 key steps towards fire restoration cleaning from Balmore Contracting.

When it comes to fire and smoke damage cleaning and restoration, there are so many variables to content with. But to help give you an outline of our process, here are 5 key steps that can help to make a fire incident less stressful.

Step 1 – Finding the right Fire Restoration cleaning firm

This may sound like a sales line but when it comes to fire restoration, time matters. The quicker that a fire restoration project can begin, the more successful it will be at effectively cleaning and removing the dangerous chemical elements that smoke damage can cause. Once the emergency services have declared a home safe to enter, you will want a cleaning firm to get to work as soon as possible. At Balmore, we have over thirty years of cleaning experience and we cannot stress enough the importance of fast acting cleaning to fully restore your home after a fire.

Step 2

As your appointed cleaning company to handle the fire and smoke damage cleaning and restoration, we will carry out an assessment to determine the extent of the fire damage to your home and the contents damage. This step will help to determine the severity of cleaning required and guide the rest of our cleaning and restoration process. It also allows us to create a cost estimate and time frame for getting your home back to habitable status.

Step 3

Whilst the fire may be out, there are lots of secondary fire damage issues to contend with. Most involve your water plumbing supply. If for example the fire has caused a water leak to develop behind the wall, we will be able to source and deal with it before any restoration work begins. Secondary fire damage normally appears two to three weeks after a fire which is why catching it early can save your home from further damage in the weeks ahead.

Step 4

We can now begin the process of cleaning and restoring your home. Whilst every fire creates a different level of cleaning and decontamination that is required, the common methods used for fire damage restoration include pressure washing, air scrubbing, steam cleaning, DOFF Steam Cleaning, dry cleaning and thermal odour removal. Any furniture that has been damaged shall be removed for decontamination or disposed of if unrepairable.

Step 5

The initial wave of cleaning is focused on decontamination of the home. The final stage of restoration focuses on the contents of the property. Our priority is to restore and renovate your home back to a pre-fire state with little furniture and other home property replacements unless required.

If you have suffered from a fire in your home and are needing a quality, qualified and certified fire restoration cleaning firm to deal with the careful restoration of your home, call on Balmore. With over thirty years of dedicated difficult access, biohazard and fire restoration cleaning services, we are the number one choice for specialist cleaning services in Scotland and the North of England.