We provide dignified, discreet and thorough trauma cleaning services in Glasgow and the Central Belt of Scotland since 1989.

Unfortunately with the passing of a loved one, there is the difficult issue of having to deal with the trauma clean-up and potential biohazards associated from the death.  In terms of where this may be, it can be a dead body clean up from a home locations or business address.  It can even be a crime scene clean-up, police cell or car interior.

Our trauma cleaning team is composed of highly trained specialist cleaning contractors.  Our full time cleaning crew regularly receive updated training for specialist trauma cleaning. This covers everything from proper cleaning techniques and technology procedures on different fabric and surface types to what chemicals can and should be used on selected surface materials. Our goal is to return the clean up scene to an ‘as it was state’ as quickly and quietly as possible.

Suicide Cleaning

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Unattended Death Cleaning

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Biohazard Diseases

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Deep Clean Services

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What types of trauma cleaning can we provide?

Our specialist trauma training services include biohazard areas that have been contaminated with bodily fluids, human tissue and other substances (all of which are incredibly dangerous and can lead to a range of disease risks). 

As a specialist trauma cleaning provider, we go a level deeper than what the eye can see and far beyond what a traditional cleaning company can offer.

We clean areas that you would simply not think to clean yet are vital to ensure there is no risk of biohazards or odours remaining. These locations that are so commonly unseen and disregarded by the untrained eye of a conventional cleaning contractor who have not received the specialist training required for trauma cleaning.  Our deep clean process ensures that the location becomes safe and clean again with no risk of a biohazard infection.

Our Trauma Cleaning Services cover the following events:

  • Natural and traumatic event cleaning
  • Murder
  • Unattended Death
  • Body/Animal Decomposition
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Crime Scene Clean up
  • Police Cell Cleaning
  • Accident Spot Cleaning

What cleaning equipment do we use?

We use professional grade chemical cleaning agents which are all biodegradable (where possible).  Our deep cleaning process goes beyond what you can see.  Any areas that  have the potential to hold onto a lingering death odour are all thoroughly cleaned and with the advanced cleaning equipment we have (including DOFF Steam Cleaning), we can perform deep cleaning services without damaging walls furniture and other materials in your home.

We look to deal with your loss in the most dignified and respectful way possible.  We aim to work quickly and compassionately for our customers to ensure we add as little stress to their lives during this difficult time.  Our team are fully aware of the grief that you will be going through at this time so we will always aim to carry out our work with minimal disruption to you.

If requested we can work with a third party so that you do not have to be involved in the process yourself.

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If you would like to know more about our Trauma Cleaning Services and why they are an important and specialised cleaning service, please contact our Glasgow office today by calling 0141 370 4038 or email info@balmore-ltd.co.uk

trauma cleaning services in and around Glasgow
Trauma Cleaning in and around Glasgow