The very first step we will take with any new customer looking to arrange a scheduled ventilation duct cleaning service with us is to conduct a ventilation inspection service.

Our ventilation inspection covers the following:

  • Dust Particulate Build Up
  • Mould Spores and bacteria
  • Coil Cleanliness
  • Air Filter Maintenance Regime
  • Air Change Rates
Ventilation inspection can be conducted by out confined spaces drone

At Balmore Contracting, we will inspect ventilation systems to ensure that they are working to the capabilities that they were installed to achieve, namely, providing employees and customers with safe, clean breathable air.

The ventilation systems installed in commercial kitchens, office buildings and apartment blocks are designed to efficiently supply, extract and recondition air throughout the internal spaces. Whilst most people don’t have to think about it, there is a set amount of air that a building must bring in (Building Regulations Part F). If this level of fresh air is not allowed to circulate through a work or living space, occupants can begin to feel systems ranging from lethargy and tiredness as the oxygen levels in a room decreases and carbon dioxide levels increase. Poor ventilation can be directly linked to the many symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome.

As part of Balmore Contractings Ventilation and duct inspection services, we follow the accepted guidelines of The Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) TR/19 related to internal cleanliness of ventilation.
This guideline ensures that there is not a build up of particulates in ventilation systems which can cause ineffective ventilation and allow dirty air to be supplied to employees and customers.

Your ventilation system can be inspected at varying points though out the system to ensure that it is meeting the minimum requirements. When air filters are first fitted to a buildings ventilation system, they are designed and installed to meet the set standards. However it is a common occurrence in UK buildings that when air filters are replaced, they are replaced with cheaper incorrect filters that can lead to significant inefficiencies in filtration. Air filters should be meeting EN779:2012 standards to ensure that particulates are removed, to ensure good indoor air quality.

The correct inspections, cleaning and maintenance of your ventilation system is of paramount importance for safe air for your employees and customers whilst significantly reducing fire risks.

If you would like to know more about our ventilation inspection service or cleaning services, please contact our head office on 0141 370 4038.

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