Working up high

If you were driving through Glasgow City Center the other day you may well have seen the Balmore Contracting Team working on another DOFF Steam Cleaning job. Our High Level Difficult Access Team were cleaning the stonework on a building in town.

Through the modern marvel that is DOFF Steam Cleaning, we were removing carbon staining, bio algae and moss staining and vandalism graffiti paint work from the side of the building that is currently To Let.

While pressure washers would damage the stonework – DOFF Steam Cleaning will delicately remove the staining and paintwork without damaging the substrate. It uses very little water and dries incredibly quickly for powerful results.

As you can see from our Facebook post some pictures of the team at work…

If you would like to know more about our DOFF Steam Cleaning for the delicate cleaning of your building stonework then please call our Glasgow Head Office today.