One off and scheduled cleaning services for confined space areas across Scotland and North England.

We have all heard the cleaning tag line ‘we don’t cut corners – we clean them’ but what happens if the space to be cleaned is a confined space and is by its very nature, a lot more difficult to access. A confined space can be anything from sewers to basements, underlofts, chimneys and service tunnels.

These difficult access environments are filled with risks such as biohazards, low oxygen levels, dangerous levels of dust and other potentially hazardous substances. That is why you should only ever use a qualified and certified confined space cleaning expert.

Low Risk Cleaning

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Medium Risk Cleaning

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High Risk Cleaning

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Silo Cleaning

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Low Oxygen Environments

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Biohazard Diseases

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Balmore Contracting is a reputable and trusted difficult access cleaning specialist that goes beyond the bucket and mop of standard cleaners. We are difficult access specialists because we are fully trained and certified and are equipped with the right safety and cleaning tools. It means that we can access everywhere and anywhere to clean everything and anything.

We therefore are confined space cleaning experts and can deal with the potential cleaning issues ranging from biohazards to dangerous access points (dangerous access points include ‘one way in – one way out’ scenarios).

To effectively carry out these types of complicated and dangerous access cleaning points requires a dedicated team or fully trained technicians. The entire Balmore Contracting team are fully equipped to handle confined space cleaning work and are armed with the latest in cleaning tech and solutions to provide a practical, safe cleaning solution to you.

From our head office in Glasgow, we can provide confined spaces cleaning services across the West of Scotland and the North of England.

If you would like to know more about our cleaning services for confined spaces or indeed any of our other cleaning services, please contact our head office on 0141 9446100 today.