The Coronavirus COVID-19 has sadly spread across the globe and has affected so many of us in Scotland. The need to be cautious when it comes to clean, sanitary working environments is deeply important.

Update: We now offer a Drone Disinfectant Fogging Service for Deep Clean Services to battle the Coronavirus COVID-19. Find out more >>>

When an office environment has been infected by Coronavirus thanks to a carrier who has picked it up through human to human contact, that environment needs to be deep cleaned to help prevent the virus from spreading.

As one of the leading Biohazard Cleaning Companies in Scotland, Balmore Contracting are both skilled and experienced in dealing with the safe and thorough cleaning of Biohazards and can help with the cleaning of office buildings that may have seen contact with victims of the Coronavirus.

We operate a variety of deep clean specialist equipment to ensure that we go beyond visual cleaning. From DOFF Super Heated Steam Cleaning to the latest in non-toxic chemical cleaning. And as a leading Rope Access and Difficult Access Cleaning Specialist, our cleaning reach is almost unlimited.

Two members of our Difficult Access team

Coronavirus Myth Vs Facts

The below comments are taken from a selection of respected news articles information

The Coronavirus is only as bad as the Flu

There is a general belief that the Coronavirus COVID-19 is no worse that the winter flu that goes around every year. In fact, Covid-19 is estimated to be around 10 times more deadly.

Face Masks will protect you

Yes and no. A face mask is no guarantee that you will not get sick. Viruses like Coronavirus can also be transmitted through the eyes and what you touch between washing your hands.

You need to be next to an infected individual for more than 5 minutes to get infected

NHS Hospital guidelines have laid out that a person needs to be within six feet of an infected individual who sneezes or coughs for 10 or more minutes. This does not however mean that if you stand next to another individual for 9 minutes that you will be safe.

A cure is just around the corner

The process of developing a cure for a virus like Coronavirus is not like in the movies. The process of developing possible vaccines, testing them on animals and then running a series of trials to spot for any side-effects takes time. Anything within a year plus of the original outbreak of the virus in China would be seen as incredibly quick.

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