The advanced stone cleaning method preferred by heritage organisations across Scotland and England, the TORC Stone Cleaning System is the ideal way to carefully clean stonework on older or listed buildings.

The TORC Stonework Cleaning system will not damage building surfaces and is the ideal cleaning tool for stone cleaning projects including historic cathedrals, churches, listed buildings and similar delicate stonework buildings and monuments. If you are looking for a cleaning method on stonework that can gently remove carbon sulphates, brittle paints, limescale, moss and other biomatter then TORC is the answer.

It is the advanced stone cleaning system that is revolutionising the industry.

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Concrete & Brick Stonework Cleaning

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How does TORC Stone Cleaning Technology Work?

TORC works through the generation of a low pressure vortex mixture of air, h20 and a safe/inert fine granulate. This gentle swirling vortex can then be directed through either a large or small nozzle appliance cone which allows for accurate stonework cleaning, detailing and a large area coverage.

What can TORC Stone Cleaning be used for?

  • The removal of carbon sulphation
  • The removal of lime & cement based paints
  • The removal of paint residues
  • The removal of most aged oil based paints
  • The removal of bitumen
  • The removal of lime scale

The TORC Stonework Cleaning system gently removes paints, biomatter, dirt, carbon deposits, carbon staining, bitumen, lime scale and vandalism graffiti from any building stonework (including brick, stone, wood, concrete and more) without damaging the building materials.

And TORC can be used for more than just stonework. Across Scotland, Balmore Contracting can perform detailed cleaning services in metal work such as statues and railings. TORC can safely and gently remove oxidation and sulphates from metals such as bronze, brass and copper.

At Balmore Contracting, we have been investing heavily in new technology to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition for both quality, service and performance.
With TORC, we have a new feather in our cap and combined with the power of DOFF Steam Cleaning, we truly our the preferred cleaning company in Scotland and the North of England for those looking to clean delicate historic buildings without damaging the original stonework.

If you would like to know more about TORC Cleaning, DOFF Steam Cleaning or any of our other difficult access cleaning services, please contact our head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4038.