• Industrial Rope Access

    From aerial rigging to building inspection, painting, coating and repairing; our industrial rope access team can provide a fast, flexible and cost effective alternative to scaffolding. Across Glasgow and Edinburgh, our rope access team are perfectly placed for fast deployment.
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  • Industrial Site Cleaning

    Providing industrial cleaning services for facilities and businesses in Glasgow and all across Scotland for over 30 years. With our clients consistently returning to use our cleaning and bio-hazard services and our great customer feedback we know that we offer some of the best industrial cleaning services around.
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  • Biohazard Cleaning

    Biohazards ranging from human bodily fluids and faecal matter have the unfortunate ability to carry dangerous viruses such as Hepatitus B, Heapatitus C and HIV.  Using a professional biohazard cleaning service from Balmore Contracting will ensure the safe decontamination and site cleaning of any and all areas exposed to a bio hazard.
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  • Trauma Cleaning

    Trauma Cleanup and Crime Scene cleanup across Glasgow involves the removal and cleaning or disposal of items that have been contaminated with body fluids / blood, or tissue matter.  Our Trauma Cleaning Service does not stop there. Find out more about our trauma cleanup services in across Scotland.

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  • Difficult Access

    A common problem when cleaning is the hard to reach places and as a consequence, they are left to gather dirt, grime and dust. We do not believe there is such a place and with our equipment and experienced cleaners, there is no spot we cannot reach.
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  • Duct/Ventilation Cleaning

    Cleaning air ducts and ventilation ventilation systems on a regular basis is a priority, as no matter how efficient your filters are at trapping grease or dust particles it is inevitable that grease deposits will build up and dust gets accumulated in your systems which can become a safety hazard.
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What we have done in the last week?

With such a diverse range of services offered under Balmore Contracting, ranging from difficult access cleaning to biohazard and pest control,
it is little wonder that every week we are doing something completely different. Keep up to date with all the cleaning services in both the public and private sector that we do week in, week out
across Glasgow and the rest of Scotland with our weekly updates.

What have we been up to?