About our Duct & Ventilation Service

Cleaning your air duct and ventilation systems on a regular basis should be a top priority. No matter how efficient your filters are at trapping grease or dust particles it is inevitable that grease deposits will build up and dust gets accumulated in your systems. Our Glasgow based highly trained team members will ensure that your duct and ventilation systems are thoroughly cleaned and maintained to keep everything running smoothly.

Duct Cleaning

If grease is left in your extraction system, over time it will become baked on and extremely difficult to remove, reducing the effectiveness of it, shortening the fan’s life and creating a serious fire hazard in the kitchen. Bacteria will also develop in the fatty moist deposits, creating a health & safety issue and food source for vermin. Regular kitchen extraction cleaning is crucial to ensure the safety of the building and occupants are not at risk from fire.

The stipulates that by law a fire risk assessment should be undertaken. This requires the building’s owner or workplace manager to delegate a responsible person to identifying all possible sources of fire and eliminate or at least minimise the risk to the buildings occupants. Regular kitchen extract cleaning will remove the most common cause of fire within the kitchen.

Duct Cleaning


B&ES Recommended Extraction Cleaning Service Intervals

Light Use 2-6 Hours A Day, Annual
Moderate Use 6-12 Hours A Day, Bi-Annual
Heavy Use 12-16 Hours A Day, Quarterly

More and more we are seeing that failure to clean your system by a professional, accredited, kitchen extraction cleaning company is invalidating insurance policies.  Fires caused by a lack of ventilation cleaning can result in costly situation for any business.

We promise to undertake cleaning at times convenient to you and do not charge extra for weekend or night work. Where access to the extraction system is not in place, and it is safe to do so, we install access panels ensuring thorough cleaning. On completion, we then provide a detailed Report and Schedule of Works, which is acceptable to environmental health inspections, fire regulations and insurance companies and is evidence to show you have taken action to minimise the fire risks from the build-up of grease in your extraction system..

Air Conditioning/Ventilation Cleaning

No matter how well your ventilation and air conditioning works, dust and debris will accumulate in the ducts running through the building and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Without regular cleaning, air will pass through the polluted duct carrying bacteria into the building.

The Workplace Regulations 1992 states it is every employer’s and building owner’s responsibility to ensure that the air introduced should be, as far as possible, free of any impurity that is likely to be offensive or cause ill health. It is the duty of the building owner or facilities manager to ensure the ventilation and / or air conditioning is internally clean and suitable records are maintained to support compliance.

Our complete ventilation duct cleaning service ensures the air system will be thoroughly cleaned from the supply system right through to the fresh air intake, mixing area and supply diffusers. Along with the grilles through to discharge to include, motors and fan blades.

Audited by the NDCA ensures our systems are in line with all approved standards. On completion of the work we will provide a comprehensive Report, together with certification confirming the work has been undertaken. We can also include a detailed photographic portfolio, if required.